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Giving people confidence to start & grow successful tech companies using financial intelligence.

Planning / Pre-Funding Stage


If you're looking to start and grow a successful tech company or digital business,  you've come to the right place.

You may have developed new software, technology or would like to start selling products or services online. 

You're ready to turn your idea into a business,  but you're not sure how to determine if it's viable, write a 

business plan or if  your prices are too high or too low.


You may also be wondering how much tax you need to pay, if you should  register a limited company, and if so 

what types of shares do you issue?


Development / Seed Funding Stage

Perhaps you've prepared a business plan, developed a working prototype and you are now ready to find investors, hire staff or start selling goods/services online.

Now you're asking yourself how do I value my company?  How to I protect my intellectual property?
What reports will investors want?  How much cash will I need?  and how can I tell if a product is worth keeping?

Supporting you from Planning to Exit

If these are the types of questions going through your mind and you want


  • The opportunity to spend your time more efficiently
  • The ability to make better data-driven management decisions
  • Support to find investors, partners and/or external finance , and
  • Support to grow and expand internationally

then Alpha P Tech can help.

Every tech & digital start-up will face challenges and a changing environment.  The difference between those that are successful and those that aren't, are down  to the founders. Successful founders can predict and make the changes ahead  of time, rather than simply reacting to them. They have confidence and can make  effective plans, strategies and decisions using information based on real-time data.  

Alpha P Tech aims to be a real asset to founders and their start-ups by providing  the advice, support and services that founders need to start and grow successful  tech and digital companies.


Start-Up Services

Start-Up Services

Helping you create a successful start-up strategy using new strategic thinking and accounting intelligence.

Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Communicating business performance to senior management, investors and the authorities.   

Growth & International Expansion

Growth Services and International Expansion

Helping you grow your business and expand internationally by being your active trusted advisor.