Start-up Services

Starting up a business can be a daunting prospect for any entrepreneur. Life for tech  and digital start-ups can be even more complex. By operating under new business models, successful tech and digital firms have adopted different systems and strategic thinking compared to traditional businesses.

New business models (e.g. freemium and e-commerce) give firms the opportunity to collect big user data. This data on a macro scale enables such firms to generate predictive data from historical transactions. Therefore, to use this kind of data to obtain valuable business insights requires a different type of financial analysis is that isn't needed in traditional businesses.

Successful tech start-ups operate within continuous feedback loops. By having mechanisms for reacting to new information, they can keep the start-up on a positive course by using this information to advise when to make small changes or to pivot the business in a new direction.

Therefore, by having new strategic thinking, alongside appropriate financial and information systems in place, tech and digital start-ups can use accounting intelligence to create a successful business strategy.

Our start-up services include helping you to prepare business plans, financial projections, setting up the right financial and accounting systems and completing registration procedures (including incorporation & intellectual property registration) amongst others.

Helping you create a successful start-up strategy using new strategic thinking & accounting intelligence




It’s been said that the average person sees more that 4,000 adverts per day. In such a competitive marketplace everyone is wanting to get their message and brand in front of as many customers as possible.  

Thanks to new technologies there are even more ways to market and promote your brand than there was before. This can mean knowing which is the best method(s) to maximise your ROI can be challenging.  

From building a funnel to content marketing to social media ads and closing sales leads, we have a network of experts that can help you grow and scale your business to the next level.  

By starting with free no obligation consultation, we can help you to plan and build the right systems to help you get the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time, in a way best for you.

Getting the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


Compliance & Management Information Services

Once a start-up has become active the next step is to be able to communicate the financial performance of the business to prospective investors, senior management and the authorities.

By having a good handle on the company's accounting systems and financial statements, tech start-ups and digital businesses can

  • Communicate the company's progress and the return on investment to investors
  • Assess financial outcomes of different strategic scenarios 
  • Comply with reporting requirements
  •  Calculate tax liabilities

In order to do this effectively, the company should be able to view key financial and management information in real time and not just at the end of each year in their annual reports. Your accounting and record keeping system should also be able to keep up as the company grows and ease management rather than become a burden.

At Alpha P Tech we can help to manage your accounting system, providing monthly services, including management reporting, to meet all of these objectives. We provide a range of services from part-time Financial Director services (or “CFO services”) to preparing regular management accounts and reports. We also assist with HMRC enquiries/investigations and provide our clients with free expert legal advice on demand.

Communicating business performance to senior management, investors and the authorities.


Growth Services

At Alpha P Tech we go beyond the traditional “once a year” accountants. We aim to be your trusted advisers to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.  

We help you to use current financial data to make predictions, pricing decisions, assess the performance of current strategies, develop new strategies and business plans. This is a key part in any growing technology company and is also of great importance in tax planning and in assessing financing options.  

We provide monthly management accounting and reporting services, giving you an effective overview of your business and its performance to help you make these essential management decisions and grow your business.

Analysis and planning to help you understand and grow your business.


International Expansion

In today's business world, global trading is easier than ever, with many technology and digital companies having some form of international presence. This could be in the form of associates, branches/offices, customers or even suppliers.  

International trading can open new streams of revenue for your business. However, it can also bring increased tax and administration costs if it's not set up and managed correctly.  

As a technology and/or digital business trading internationally, you may need to consider

  • Banking and the ease of payment processing for you and your customers 
  • International tax planning including VAT and other overseas taxes 
  • Registering overseas branches, offices or permanent establishments 
  • Registering subsidiary companies 
  • Additional bookkeeping, compliance and accounting requirements 
  • Protecting your intellectual property internationally
  • Any overseas legal services that may be needed

Our experience and expertise with international businesses as well as our wide network of overseas professional intermediaries (such as banks, law firms, accountants and wealth management firms) puts us in the best place to assist you with trading and/or expanding globally.

Helping you grow and expand your business internationally by being your active trusted advisor.